About Bob and Zelda

Welcome to Gazelle craft owned by Bob and Zelda.


Bob grew up toward the south coast and joined a traditional cub and scout group, later becoming a scout leader and over the years his love of wild life grew.  Bob trained as a watchmaker and loved nothing more than making things.   Later he moved into the medical industry but like Zelda always had a desire to create functional but attractive items that incorporate an element of recycling.

Zelda trained as a Forest School and as a result we started making birdfeeders to hang in the woods where she did activities with the children.  From there we started making bug hotels and because of the interest this created we started to sell them, and Gazelle Crafts was born.

Our Ethos.

As well as providing decorative and functional products that benefit wildlife we also try to be as ethical as we can.  Where ever possible we purchase crockery from Charity Shops, so we are not only deriving our living from the business, but we are also contributing to the charities and benefiting the community.  In the last year we have spent in excess of £xxxxxx with local charity shops.  And we are also looking to increase the work we do with children and schools, to pass on our passion for nature.

Our Key Products.

At the heart of the products are our Teapot Birdfeeders / Nest Boxes, which when positioned will attract open fronted nesting birds.  We look at each teapot and what materials we have available and then create not only a functional feeder or nest box but something will look decorative in the garden.   We both have a dislike of the boring mass-produced plastic tubes filled with bird food that is so often hung in gardens.  All our Teapot Birdfeeders / nest boxes are unique.  They can stay out all year round despite frosts as they teapots are designed to take temperature change.


Bug Hotels.

Our Bug Hotels like our other products have evolved over time, no two are the same and are topped and bottomed with whatever material we have a available, whether that would be some sort of wood or slate.

Initially our Bug Hotels where designed to be used by children to encourage them to learn about some of the different insects that share our gardens and countryside with us.

For further information please see our Facebooks page “Gazelle Crafts”